See Frequently Asked Questions below and Answers.

Registration and Account Updates.

Q. How do i sign up or register?

A. Click on the sign up icon or button at top right of the website header. Click the sign up link, enter a valid email address/password and select i am a customer then click register.

Q. How do i register as a vendor?

A. Go to the Start Selling Page, register and purchase a plan to sign up as vendor. 

Q. How do i update my profile information?

A. Sign in and then go to manage your orders, see the dashboard settings in your account. Click on account details, from here you can edit your personal information.

Q. How do i reset my password?

A. Sign in and then go to manage your orders, see the dashboard settings in your account. Click on account details, from here you can reset your password.

Q. I Lost my password, how do i log in?

A. Go to the sign in page, click on Lost Password. Enter the email address that’s on your account. We’ll send a confirmation link via email to reset your password.


Q. How do i purchase a vendor subscription?

A. Go to the Sellers Page, choose a subscription plan, click register to order plan. Once the order is completed, we’ll send you an email confirmation to approve your store. You can log in and set up your store from Manage Your Shops dashboard, once your order is approve by a specialist.

Q. How do i upgrade my plan? 

A. Go to the Contact us page, send us a request and a specialist will contact you to upgrade your package.

Q. How do i cancel my subscription?

A. Access your account dashboard, go to manage your orders and cancel the subscription. Once the plan is cancelled we’ll stop charging your account and close your Jasetts E-Commerce store page.

Q. Something is wrong with my store, how do i get help? 

A. Go to the Contact us page, send us a request and a specialist will contact you for assistance.

Gift Vouchers

Q. How do i purchase a Gift Voucher?

A. Go to the Redeem page and click on the Buy Gift Voucher button. Choose the Gift Voucher amount you need, then complete the order using a Debit or Credit Card. We’ll email you the Gift Voucher Confirmation details.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept any major Credit and Debit Cards.

Q. Can i purchase multiple amounts of gift voucher?

A. Yes. But you cannot exceed a purchase total of $10,000.00 USD in a day.

Q. How do i use my Gift Voucher?

A. To redeem the Gift Voucher balance, choose a vehicle from a dealer or individual seller, from any location. Email a copy of the purchase invoice, copies of the vehicle documents, gift voucher number and the seller’s banking information to We’ll charge the processing fees and send the payment to the seller’s account.

Q. How will you send the payment to my dealer or seller?

A. We payout using Bank Wire Transfer or Direct Deposits. 

Q. Can I purchase a vehicle from a friend with my gift voucher balance?

A. Yes you can purchase from anyone.

Q. Can i purchase from overseas companies with my Gift Voucher balance?

A. Yes you can order from anywhere. For example Beforward and SBT Japan.

Q. How do i get a refund for a gift voucher?

A. If the Gift Voucher is still in the 14 days purchase period, then go to the Contact us page and send us a refund request. We’ll process your refund and cancel the gift card immediately.

Q. Can i get a refund and cancel my gift voucher after 14 days?

A. NO. You cannot cancel or request a refund.

Q. What if my Gift Voucher Balance is less or more than my invoice total?

A. If your purchase total is lesser than the gift voucher balance, the amount will be roll over for the next purchase. If the purchase total exceeds the gift voucher balance, you must pay the dealer or seller the difference in cash, or you can purchase more Gift Voucher balance.

Q. Can my Gift Voucher expire?

A. No. There’s no expiration date for the gift voucher.

Q. Can i sell my Gift Voucher to someone else?

A. No. 

Processing Fees

Q. How much do i pay to redeem my Gift Voucher?

A. Our Gift Voucher processing rate is 6.5% of the total redeeming balance.

Q. What is the processing fee used for?

A. To complete the bank charges applied to transferring funds to the dealer or seller and other fees.

Dissatisfied With Goods Purchased

Q. I redeem my gift voucher and i am not happy with the vehicle i bought. What must I do?

A. We’re sorry to hear, however upon redeeming your gift voucher a disclaimer notice was sent to inform you about our redeem policy. ( We are not liable for any damage goods purchased, sales and financial discrepancies once we have sent payment to the seller/dealership. It is in the buyer’s interest to ensure they are satisfied with the condition of the vehicle or motor vehicle items, prior to redeeming vouchers from your Jasetts E-Commerce Account.) Please contact the seller or dealership directly for help.

Q. I bought the vehicle/goods from one of your vendor and i have an issue. How can you help me?

A. Please contact the seller directly or send us a brief email (ONLY if the seller is a Jasetts E-Commerce Vendor) at for futher review.

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